6 Tips to Score above 90 Marks in Mathematics in 12th Board

Mathematics is a subject which helps in developing a rational thinking and a logical approach in students and is an essential subject for both commerce and science streams. Though it might seem to be a difficult subject, it is a scoring subject where you score full marks. All one needs is to work hard and prepare well. Additionally follow the below tips which can help you score above 90 marks in mathematics in your 12th board:

Prepare a Time tableĀ 

With so many topics to prepare, understand your syllabus and accordingly prepare a time table. Divide the topics as per the weightage attached to different sections as it will help you to allot the time for each. While preparing, complete the topics you are comfortable with first and then devote rest of the time to the difficult ones.

Focus on Revision

Mathematics is a subject where you will have to remember hundreds of formulas, concepts, theorems, and methods. Students should make notes while studying where they can make note of any important points or formula or theorems they come across. It acts as a guide when you are solving practice papers. These notes come to your rescue when you are practicing or having last minute revisions.

Practice Papers

Practicing papers is a very good way to mentally prepare yourself for what might come in the exams. The more you solve the question papers, the more confidence you will be towards achieving a high score. You do not have to wait until you complete your preparations for the entire syllabus. As on when you complete a particular section, check out the respective questions from the practice papers and solve them. Doing so gives you an idea and makes you go through the general blueprint of the paper.

Structure Your Answers

Scoring is easier in maths when your answers are structured steps wise and not crammed. If you learn and explain the various steps involved, you are sure to gain some marks for each step, irrespective of whether your answer is correct or not.

Manage Your Time

Students must practice maths everyday even if it be for some time so as to score good marks. Additionally, go through the short notes you make and practice papers well to know where you spend more time. Work on those areas and improve your speed as well as efficiency in order to manage your time.

Figures and Graphs

In a subject like mathematics, graphs and figures can easily fetch you marks. Practice sections related to figures/ graphs and you will see that these topics constitute the easiest section in the exams which will help you finish the paper fast.

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