How to Prepare for CA CPT Exam

Several candidates appear for the CA CPT exams but not many succeed in clearing it in the first time. In order to clear the CA CPT Exam in first attempt you need to show dedication and precision during the preparations. Here we share some tips on how can you prepare.


1. Stronger Accountancy

For the CPT exam, accountancy is a portion where you can score. Being good at accountancy increases your chances of cracking CPT. So, do go through the entire theory and then solve questions summing up your preparations for the exam.

2. Law

Do not miss out on any of the laws, definitions and topics as far as your mercantile law is concerned. After accounting, if there is something very important, it is law, which can help you keep your score up or totally ruin your exam.

3. Macroeconomics before Microeconomics

Concentrate on macroeconomics and ensure to be thoroughly done with it before moving to microeconomics as this can also prove to be a scoring option for you.

4. Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is also important when preparing for CA CPT Exam. Try and do all the easy sums first and then only move on to the complicated ones. Pay extra attention to sums of Integration and Differentiation.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is important for success. Give answers to the best of your knowledge. Don’t do any guess work. This will help boost your confidence on your answers.

6. Get Study Material

When you register for CA CPT Exam with ICAI, you will get 4 text books, 1 of each subject (Accountancy, Mercantile Law, Quantitative Aptitude and Economics) and 2 mock test books with 30 model papers. If you complete all the questions given in these 4 books and 30 model papers, you will definitely be able to crack the exam flawlessly.

7. Revise, Practice, Study

Revision is very important for achieving success. Multiple revisions help strengthen your grip on the subjects. Once your revision is done, take mock tests and practice. Get a better understanding of the subject and pay more attention to your weak points.

8. Relax

Don’t be nervous on the exam day. Stay relaxed and calm so as to give your best. Sometimes, nervousness can ruin the things that you already know.

These tips will help you crack the CA CPT exam. However, it is absolutely essential for you to seek professional help.

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